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Senior Ministers

Apostle Richard Rodriguez and

Prophetess Lillian Rodriguez

Apostle Richard and Prophetess Lillian Rodriguez are the Founders and Senior Ministers of Consuming Fire Ministries and Kingdom Ministry College in Palm Bay, FL. They are ordained through Christian International under Dr. Bill Hamon of Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

Apostle Richard earned his degree from Word of Life Bible Training Center in 1983. He was ordained to the ministry and has served in the Music Ministry, Spanish Radio Ministry and as an Instructor in Bible Institutes in New York, Colorado and Florida. Pastor Richard is passionate about activating the saints of God in their gifts and calling enabling them to fulfill their God-given destiny. 

Prophetess Lillian moved to Florida in 2001 after serving 20 years in the New York City Police Department. She incorporates her life experiences as a former Police Officer into a life-changing ministry, awakening resident authority and fearlessness in God's people. She received her ministerial training at The Mission Bible College in Florida. Pastor Lillian has served in inner-city evangelism, missions and the ministry of helps in the local church.

Together, Apostle Richard and Lillian are fulfilling the vision God has purposed for them:

To establish a prophetic church and God’s Government

To train and equip the saints of God for ministry

To effectively minister the Word of God in the workplace

And above all, to practice the Presence of the Lord under an open heaven through a deep worship experience.

Associate Pastors

Pastors Craig Sherry Levy

Pastors Sherry and Craig Levy are Associate Pastors of CFM Church in Palm Bay, Florida. They have been married for 35 years. They are ordained through Consuming Fire Ministries under Apostle Richard and Prophetess Lillian Rodriguez.

Pastors Sherry and Craig are graduates of the Jerry Seville School of Ministry and congregational leadership training from the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations. They have served as Deacons, Ministry Leaders, and Home Group Leaders in Florida and Virginia.

Pastor Craig has completed additional course work in Jewish Studies at the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute, and Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations Seminary. He has taught courses on the foundations of our faith, as well as Biblical Hebrew. Pastor Craig has served as a Deacon, Men’s Ministry Leader, Youth Minister, Home Group Leader, Outreach Coordinator, Congregational Safety/Security, and Greeter in various churches during his 45 year walk with God. His nick name is “the Love Pastor” due to his desire for people to come into an understanding of God’s love.

Pastor Sherry has been walking with God for over 45 years and has served as a Deacon, Intercessory Prayer Leader, Youth Minister, Home Group Leader, and Greeter in congregations in Florida and Virginia. She has a heart for the power of prophetic prayer, worship, and the healing power of God.

Together, Pastors Sherry and Craig are fulfilling God’s calling for them:

· To share God’s love with people

· Equip people to walk in their calling

· To equip the saints of God for ministry

· To realize healing of body, soul, and heart

· To lead people into a deeper relationship with God

Pastores Associados

Alberto y Yolanda Cancel

Los pastores Alberto y Yolanda Cancel son padres de 3 hijos y 7 nietos, llevan 36 años de servicio al Señor Jesucristo y fueron enviados a pastorear una hermosa Iglesia en la ciudad de Aguadilla Puerto Rico, siendo ordenados como Pastores en el ministerio Apostólico y Profetico bajo la cobertura del Apostol Sydney Stair y su esposa la pastora Idsia Stair en la Iglesia House of worship en la ciudad de Guaynabo Puerto Rico.

Su pasión es servir en el Reino de Dios, Traer las Almas a los pies de Jesucristo, Orar por los enfermos y los oprimidos, Enseñar y adiestrar los nuevos convertidos, y Enseñar la palabra de nuestro Señor Jesucristo. Es una pacion el poder ser parte del mover y el despertar de Dios para este Tiempo.