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Our Vision

We believe God has called all of His children to perform great exploits on the earth (Dan 11:32). In order for the Body of Christ to do this, they must be aware of, instructed in and learn the practical application of their gifts and callings of God.

Our vision is to create a safe environment where God’s people can learn the Word of God, to accurately move in the gifts, learn leadership skills and practice until each member of the body is fulfilling their individual and unique calling. We believe this is the single most important purpose for the five-fold ministry gifts (Eph. 4:11-13).

It is our belief that the Church belongs to Christ, the people belong to God, and the Ministry belongs to the Holy Spirit.

If you desire a place of worship where you can be actively involved in the various ministries, we invite you to visit our fellowship and see if this is where God would have you.

!!! Currently seeking Drummer and Keyboard player !!!


Radical expressions of love toward God

are to be expected!

Thank you for visiting!